1. 1.i don't drink coffee. never have, never will.

  2. 2.my first name, tiffin, came from my parent's obsession with glass. tiffin is a town in ohio which
    made tiffin glass.

  3. 3.i love anything apple makes and never touch a pc unless i have to.

  4. 4.i graduated from ohio university with an art history degree.

  5. 5.i am the youngest of three, the baby some may say!

  6. 6.i grew up in pittsburgh.

  7. 7.i watch far too much television.

  8. 8.i love power tools and am hands on in any house renovation.

  9. 9.a golf cart is my main mode of transportation 8 months out of the year. seriously, i live in a golf
    community where there are more golf cart paths than roads. i drive it to school to get my kids, the
    bank, the grocery store, you name it.

  10. 10.i think martha stewart has a direct link into my brain. every time i start a new project, the next month,
    it is showcased in her magazine.

  11. 11.i love eating on outdoor patios. thankfully atlanta has a ton of restaurants with them.

  12. 12.i hate to exercise.

  13. 13.i taught swimming for over 7 years.

  14. 14.i took german from 5th grade through my second year of college. can i speak it now? nein.

  15. 15.i am trying to cure my obsession with gossip blogs

  16. 16.i am a terrible singer - truly awful

  17. 17.beer is always my drink of choice. i am the girl drinking a beer while all of my friends have a glass of wine.

  18. 18.i love reading. pat conroy is my favorite author. i wish he would write more.

  19. 19.i am deathly allergic to cats among other things and have gotten allergy shots once a week for 5 years now.

  20. 20.i always have a project going and 2 more in the works. sitting still is not in my vocabulary :)


linwood avenue was conceived in the first home i shared with my husband sometime around 2002. when we were newlyweds, we bought and renovated the cutest corner lot red brick bungalow which sat on, you guessed it, linwood avenue.

welcome to linwood avenue. my creativity stretches across the landscape of the world – across the sweet southern soil I call home.
i walk the isles of flea markets looking for inspiration from the past. i create whimsy in my mind as i draw gorgeous fanciful images for new art and i visit estate

sales to find relics of history which are re-purposed and turned into something beautiful for your home. we all share the same idea of home...a place you are

most yourself, surrounded by the walls and people that comfort you. make your home a linwood avenue home.

here you will find eclectic found objects like custom lamps that sparkle and hold history, brightly colored handmade shades, hand drawn botanical prints, funky functional craft aprons, purposeful pillows and other amazing stitched pieces to fall in love with. linwood avenue offers you something special. reach beyond the average - across the expected and into the world of whimsy and bright spirit.

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